Move MS CRM to another Server

Follow steps given below to Move a Microsoft Dynamic CRM deployment to another server. These steps are valid for all versions of MS Dynamic CRM

1. Go to existing database server and take backup of following databases

        a. MSCRM_Config

        b. OrganizationName_MSCRM (take backup for all organizations)

2. Install a fresh copy of MS CRM (required version) on new server

3. Go to new database server

4. Restore MSCRM_Config on new database server from the backup MSCRM_Config taken at step 1

5. Restore all backups of OrganizationName_MSCRM databases taken at step 1 on new database server

6. If custom plugins and workflow assemblies are deployed on disk then those assemblies need to be moved to new CRM server. For it move following folder from old CRM to new CRM.

<Installation Dir>\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\assembly to <Installation Dir>\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\assembly

7. Move any custom assembly from bin folder of the old CRM website to bin folder on new CRM website

8. Browse a CRM organization. Everything should work as it was on old CRM server

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