How to add custom code using events and ship it with extensions

Hi guys, On request of some of the readers of my blog today I am going to discuss another cool topic “Adding custom code into existing objects and ship them with extension”.  This is the continuation of my last article which is about Getting started with Extensions in Dynamics NAV. In that article, I talked about how to modify existing objects and ship them with extensions. In today’s topic, I will talk about how to ship custom code with the extensions.


To add Custom code in the existing objects you should know about the concept of events in Dynamics NAV. If you don’t know about events you can follow my post here. Furthermore, you should know about the basics of creating extensions in Dynamics NAV. If you don’t know about how to create/publish/install extension you can read my post here, I have discussed every step in detail.


Suppose we want to create an extension whose functionality is whenever new customer is added in Dynamics NAV, this new customer is also inserted into my table. To develop this extension we need to create a custom table which holds the data of a new customer inserted into Dynamic NAV. In addition to this, we will also write a codeunit in which we write a code to add the customer into custom table.

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