Importance of Culture in Offshoring

When being asked to write something for the blog, my mind strolled through many technical ideas but a suggestion came up to make people understand the Importance of Culture in Offshoring. As I also don't master this topic so I tried to grasp the knowledge for myself too and found a very nice article to understand the importance of location in our business.

Location has a very deep impact on the outcome and success of any project in IT industry, and while selecting a different location, a Client from entirely different Culture and Values, it is very important to understand the Differences and Similarities and how are they going to impact the progress of the Projects you intend to work together. Knowledge sharing and understanding of practices for managing offshore dynamics are certainly important aspects in the achievement of offshore success.

3 key areas are always considerable in order to avoid the culture clash in offshoring

  • Corporate Culture

Understanding the vision and values of the people on the other side of the globe we are working with. Compatibility of their thoughts and ideas with the values of our culture creates a bond to go through all the steps of success. How the decisions are made within that culture, the comfort level for employees within the company and their empowerment to take steps without the authorization required, sums up to a major success

  • National and Regional Culture

Regional Culture give a shape to the company culture. We might need to consider if our client values process or results, and our approach should be compatible with it. Our ethics are absolute or situational - whether our values are non-negotiable or they might be situation oriented. Should we use a direct straight forward explanation to a certain problem or should we value creating harmony. All these problems should be aligned with the people we work with.

  • Key Players and their Cross Culture Competency

Major success factor in offshoring is leadership. Offshoring requires planning, supervision and communication. To effectively oversee the offshore relationship we should cultivate the cultural knowledge and competency necessary. A leader, a contact person is required who understands the culture and communication style to understand all the factors of offshoring and for correcting any misunderstandings that may develop during the process


Many companies has faced the cultural impact on off shored technologies, but with an understanding of how to overcome these complexities any company can benefit from Information Technology across the globe.


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